9 Best Watches for toddlers

Are you in search of the Best Watches for toddlers? The watches your kids’ love would be slightly different from your likes. What they would need is plenty of features, including light settings and sound settings.

Nowadays, you can find a versatile collection of watches in the market that would help your kids in learning. However, it would be better to choose watches for your kids as per their age and requirements.

Kids in higher classes can go for smartwatches that would help them in tracking their different activities. Meanwhile, kids in lower classes would mostly love signature watches of their favorite cartoon characters.

Let us see some of the best kids watches for boys in the market in 2020.

Top 9 Kids Watches For Boys

#1 Marvel Boys’ Quartz Watch with Plastic Strap

Spider Man Watch

Is your kid a hardcore spiderman fan?

Marvel’s Spiderman Kids Light-Up Watch makes one of the best kids watches for boys, especially for the ardent Spiderman fans out there. Most boys are very inspired by the adventures of Spiderman, and this watch would make a great gifting option for boys.

The Marvel Boys’ Quartz Watch comes with a large Spiderman character sketch on its dial. This would make your little boy much happy. Yes, your boy is going to love the Spiderman picture on this watch.

Here is something more to catch the heart of your young man. The Spiderman watch from Marvel also features multi-color flashing LED lights to enhance the fun of your little ones. By pressing the side buttons of the watch, your little ones can host a mini light show themselves.

Most kids find it difficult to put on the watches themselves on their hands. Your boy wouldn’t need your helping hands to fit the Marvel’s Spiderman watch onto his hands. This Spiderman watch allows you to easily buckle up the strap. Most of the kids can buckle up the Marvel Quartz watches of their own.

The Marvel Boys’ Quartz Watch features a digital display. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether your kid knows how to check the time in an analog system. They can easily read the time with the digital display of the watch.

  • Easy to buckle strap.
  • Spiderman illustration on the dial.
  • Graphic print on the band.
  • Multi-color LED lights.
  • Adjustable band length.
  • Band Quality is not great.

#2 Pokémon Kids’ Digital Watch Quartz Plastic Strap

Pokémon Kids' Digital Watch

Pokemon is one of the popular cartoon characters with little fans all over the world. So, how about gifting a super fun Pokemon watch to your son on this birthday? So, here we are presenting you to one of the best digital watches for kid boys in the theme of Pokemon.

The Pokemon Kids’ Digital Watch comes with a large Pokemon character sketch on its dial. You can also see the graphic representation of the cartoon characters such as Pikachu and Ash Ketchum over the entire band length of this watch. These character representations would bring a lot of fun to your kids.

The Pokemon watch is tested and proven to be non-toxic and safe for children. It is not, however, recommended for kids below the age of three years due to choking hazards.

The straps of the Pokemon watch is not just beautiful with the graphical representations, but also comfortable and easy to wear. You can adjust the strap size too. And it will easily fit on to the wrists of most kids.

The Pokemon Digital Watch also features flashing LED lights. You can switch on the dial light by pressing the top right button on the watch.

  • Adjustable and comfortable straps.
  • LED lights.
  • Easy to buckle strap.
  • Pokemon illustration on the dial
  • Battery life is not that much good.

#3 Cofuo Kids Digital Sport Watch

kids digital watch

Kids in higher classes often require Sports watch with advanced features. Here is one of the best sports watches for toddlers. Yes, the Cofuo Kids Digital Sports Watches come with lots of advanced features. It fits perfectly for the need of kids in higher classes.

This digital sports watch from Cofuo comes with an environment-friendly silicon and rubber strap. The dial of the Cofuo Kids Digital Watch is made of rubber case and stainless steel case back. These materials give great comfort for wearing watches for long hours.

The Cofuo Digital Sports Watch helps your kids to develop good habits. As said earlier, this digital watch comes with a lot of features, including a stopwatch, alarm settings, date display, and many more to help your kids schedule things themselves.

The EL night light and large number display help your kids read the time easily. Your kids can also wear Cofuo Digital Sports Watches during their swimming sessions. This watch is 50M water-resistant, and it can definitely withstand water for a few hours.

  • Easy to read with EL night light.
  • Durable and easy to clean case.
  • Dual time display.
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • It comes with NO instructions to set the time/alarm/ date etc

#4 VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

smart watch

Here ends your search for the smartwatch for your youngster . Do you find an enthusiastic photographer in your boy? This smartwatch lets your kid explore his photography skills with several filters, effects, and fun elements.

The Vtech Kidizoom smartwatches come with a touch screen for easy operation. This watch allows your kids to take pictures and videos easily. It also offers more entertainment to your kids by offering three activities, five games, and three challenges to enhance the fun.

Your kid also gets access to a calculator with the Vtech smartwatches. They can thus, easily workout their subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division activities with this smartwatch beside.

The Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatches comes with a lot more features, including alarm settings, calendar, timer, stopwatch, motion sensor, and many more.

  • Camera and video access.
  • Touch screen for easy operation.
  • Durable.
  • Digital and analog modes.
  • Band Qaulity is not that much great

#5 Sonic the Hedgehog Touch-Screen Smartwatch

touch screen smart watch

The Sonic Hedgehog Touch-screen Smartwatch is one of the best watches in the market for preschoolers boys. This watch comes with several features to entertain the restless little man in your house.

The Official Sonic Smartwatch comes with a touch screen for easy and smart operation. It allows your kids to easily access every feature and setting of the watch without any difficulties.

You can change the screensaver or clock display of the Sonic smartwatches pretty easily. It comes with about ten different clock faces with different cartoon faces. This watch also offers access to three fun games to entertain your boys.

The selfie camera and video recorder of the Sonic smartwatch help your kids to make a memory of their precious and fun moments.

Sonic smartwatches also have some great in-built features, including an alarm clock, calculator, stopwatch, pedometer, voice recorder, and many more. Altogether, it makes a good companion to your boy.

  • Touchscreen.
  • Longlasting battery.
  • Selfie camera.
  • Three games.
  • Your Kid can’t play Sonic game on this

#6 Paw Patrol Kids’ Digital Watch with Red Case

red case watch

Are you in search of the best watch for toddler boys? Here is an awesome watch for the kids who are a hardcore fan of Nickelodeon Paw Patrol.

The Nickelodeon Paw Patrol watches comes with an extra-large Marshall in a 3D design on the dial. Your kids will definitely love the 3D Marshall that really stands out and looks life-like.

The digital display of the Paw Patrol Kids’ Digital Watches makes it extremely easier for your kids to read the time. This watch comes with an adjustable strap for helping you to easily fit the watch onto your kid’s hand.

The band also features a graphic illustration of cartoon characters throughout its length and makes the watch very inviting for kids.

Nickelodeon is a Parents’ Choice award-winning network to buy quality stuff for your kids.  Their network is known for the distribution of quality timepieces across the world.

  • Longlasting battery.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to buckle strap.
  • Non-irritating strap.
  • For changing time you need to exert little bit extra force on buttons

#7 CakCity Boys Camouflage LED Sports Watch

Sports watch

Here is another best sports watch for kid boys. The CakCity Boys Camouflage watch is a stylish and multifunctional one. You will see that the camouflage design of the watch brings out a great fashion trend that suits most of your kids’ dress.

The camouflage design and sporty dial give a military outlook to the CakCity Boys LED Sports Watch. Your kids can easily read the time displayed on the dial with the large-sized numbers and nightlight.

One of the biggest advantages of the CakCity watch is that your kids do not have to worry about getting your watches wet during rain, washing hands or while swimming. Yes, it is a 50M waterproof variant.

The features incorporated in the CakCity Boys LED Sports Watches include stopwatch, calendar, alarm clock, and EL Backlight. Your kids would love this smartwatch for the abundant features it has.

CakCity Boys LED Watches are also very comfortable to wear. The band of the watch is soft, non-toxic, and doesn’t cause any irritation to the kids. Your kids also will not find any difficulty in fitting the watch onto your wrist. The easy to buckle strap design makes fitting extremely easy.

  • Waterproof and shockproof.
  • EL backlight.
  • Longlasting battery.
  • Adjustable and non-toxic band.
  • Water Resistant Features is not great

#8 Boys Sports Digital Waterproof Led Watches

Boys Sports Digital Waterproof Led Watches

Are you searching for a waterproof watch for your kid? Misskt presents one of the best waterproof watches for kid boys. The Boys Sports Digital Waterproof LED Watches from Misskt can be worn anytime, even while washing hands, swimming, and raining.

Your child can wear this watch anywhere and anytime without the fear of getting it wet. The Sports Digital Waterproof LED Watches from Misskt is 100ft or 30M water-resistant. However, it is not advised to use the control buttons of the watch when it is wet.

The Misskt boys’ sports watches come in attractive color LED lights. Your kids can easily read the time from these watches with their lights. The digital display makes it easier for kids to understand the time rather than the analog time display.

The features of the Miskt Boys Sports Digital LED Watches include alarm settings, date display, stopwatch, and many more. It definitely makes a great choice of gift for your boy child.

  • Longlasting battery.
  • Japanese high-quality movement.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Easy to read display with light.
  • Water Resistant feature is not great

#9 Disney Cars Kids’ Analog Watch with Silver

Disney Cars Kids' Analog Watch

Here is one of the best watches for toddler boys. Are you struggling to teach your toddler how to tell time? Then, this Disney Cars Kids’ Analog Watch would definitely be a great help for you.

This Disney Car watch would also capture the heart of your kids with its car character on the dial. Kids, especially boys, are mostly fond of cars. Therefore, most boys would definitely love a watch with a car character on its dial.

Moreover, the ‘Hour’ and ‘minute’ tags on the watch needles help children to easily tell the time. Disney watches are proven to be non-hazardous for children. The straps of the Disney car watches will not cause any irritation to the skin of your kids.

The Disney Car Analog Watches come with an easy to buckle strap. You can easily adjust the strap size as per the requirements of your child. The band fits easily onto the wrists of most kids with its adjustable length.

  • Non-toxic and safe watch band.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Hour and minute handles are marked for ease of children.
  • Silver-tone casing.
  • The numbers on the outer red circle rub off quickly

Final Words

We have listed out some of the best watches for your little one. You can easily choose one among our top picks according to the age and requirements of your child.

Also, go for watches with advanced features. The advanced features in the watches will help your boys in their cognitive development and in exploring creativity and talents. Go for something that would make a good companion to your kid. It would be great if the watch could assist your kid in his studies as well. So, make a choice wisely.

However, we recommend you choose a durable one that wouldn’t require a quick replacement. Most kids are restless and make sure you choose a strongly built watch.

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