Not all smartwatches suits firefighters. Do you know what to look for in the best smartwatches for firefighters?

Actually, the smartwatches you buy for a common man may not be enough for a firefighter. Their work life is entirely different. So, some features are to be essentially considered while buying smartwatches for firefighters. The features you should consider while buying a smartwatch for a firefighter include water-resistance, fire-resistance, battery life, and durability.

We have listed out the top 9 smartwatches for firefighters considering their performance and the factors mentioned above. You can easily make a choice from our list of top picks of smartwatches for firefighters.

Top 9 Smartwatches for Firefighters

#1 Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 44mm) with Black Sport Band

Apple Watch Series makes a great choice of a smartwatch if you have been searching for an efficient firefighter wristwatch. The series 5 Apple smartwatches can do a lot more than standard smartwatches. And that is what most firefighters seek in smartwatches.

First of all, Apple watch series 5 comes with a 30% larger screen than most smartwatches in the market. The always-on retina display is an adorable feature you won’t see among most smartwatches. So, firefighters can easily watch out for time and other features even if they are on a busy schedule.

This smartwatch allows firefighters to download tons of applications for various purposes. By downloading the ECG application, you can have a quick read of heart rate or heart rhythm on the always-on retina display. It features electrical and optical heart sensors.

Moreover, Apple Series 5 watches offer water resistance up to 5 meters. The 50m water resistance will help firefighters do their work peacefully without the fear of damaging their watch.

The built-in GPS and compass would be a great companion for firefighters for their professional as well as personal journeys. They can also enjoy their favorite tracks via Apple music library in the Apple Series 5 watches.

You can pair the Apple 5 series with any apple device with iOS 13 or later software.

Key features

  • Always-on retina display.
  • Electrical and optical heart sensors.
  • Built-in GPS.
  • Fall detection.
  • Water-resistant.
  • 30% larger screen.
  • Apple music library.
  • Expensive

#2 Fossil Unisex 44MM Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel Smart Watch

Are you in search of good watches for firefighters? Then, why not a smartwatch from Fossil? Fossil is a trusted brand for watches all over the world. The brand excels in quality as well as in innovative functions.

Fossil Unisex 44MM Gen 5 Carlyle is one of the best smartwatches for firefighters. You can connect these smartwatches with both Android and iOS operating systems.

It features an always-on display with appreciable battery life. The battery of the 5 Gen Fossil Unisex watch comes with 24 hour+ multi-day extendable modes. You can easily charge the watch up to 80% within an hour. The fast charging mechanism of the watch would be very helpful for firefighters during their working hours.

Fossil Unisex Gen 5 smartwatches will help you stay fit and healthy. There are lots of wellness-enhancing features such as sleep history, heart rate, and activity tracking. This watch is compatible with several applications, including social, news, fitness, payments, and music.

You can easily make calls and answer calls with Fossil Gen 5 watches, even if you are away from your phone.

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